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Programming rarely happens in vacuo.  When I am writing code, at least, the internet and its various tutorials help me get the job done.  I hope that the info found here may be of some help to those who work like I do.

If you like what I have written, feel free to disseminate these links (please credit my name if you do).  Enjoy!


Basic Plotting

Plotting Sky Maps with the Kapteyn Package

Fitting Functions to Data

Dealing with NaNs


Convolving and Regridding Images

Multi-Color Images

(Also see below, Exercise 2, for some useful exercises)


Common Units and Conversions

Infrared Telescopes, How Observations are Performed

Photometry (with an emphasis on infrared)

Spectroscopy (hopefully coming soon)

(Also see below, Exercise 1, for some exercises in using FITS images)

Data Reduction

Optical Spectroscopy: Fiber IFU for DensePak using IRAF

(Also see below, Exercise 3, for a primer on reducing SPIRE IR data)

Observational Astronomy Primers

Exercise 1:  FITS images (viewing, DS9, headers)

Exercise 2:  Python, plotting, fitting

Exercise 3:  IR (SPIRE) data reduction and simple photometry in HIPE

Future planned tutorials – stay tuned!

  • Regridding/reprojecting maps
  • statistical tests, goodness-of-fit diagnostics, etc. in python
  • convolving/smoothing data cubes
  • making all-sky plots
  • changing coordinates/epochs/etc. – pyephem
  • making figures for LaTeX (caveats with imshow_affine, rasterization, etc.)
  • making animations with python
  • overviews of spectroscopy (and updates to photometry guide)

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